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International Space Information Day and Brokerage Event in Berlin

On 14th and 15th of November 2018 the German National Contact Point Space, H2020 Space NCP Network – COSMOS2020 with the support of the European Commission are organizing Horizon 2020 International Space Information Day and Brokerage Event in Berlin.

The aim of the event is to inform on Space opportunities in Horizon 2020 and beyond and to provide first-hand information on the next H2020 Space Calls. The participants will have the chance to listen and talk to the authors of the work programme 2019 / 2020 and learn from their hints and tips on H2020 proposal writing. Since the next EU Framework Programme is already under development some early information will be provided.

Why participate?

  • to learn about Space opportunities in H2020 and beyond
  • to get to know the new Horizon 2020 Space Work Programme
  • to get an idea of the next EU Framework Programme (Horizon Europe)
  • to meet potential partners for the open space Call

Target groups

  • Companies
  • Universities
  • Research Institutes
  • other organisations


  • Earth Observation
  • Space technologies
  • Secure and safe space environment
  • Space business


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